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About this site

This site is a digitized version of a collection of photos and ephemera from some of my maternal ancestors from Western Ohio, mostly members of the Miller and Linn families, their neighbors, and friends. The items range from roughly the 1870s to about 1940.

The locations focus on Mercer County, Ohio, some Eastern Indiana locations, and cities & towns in Western Ohio including Dayton, Celina, and Lima.

I've tried to identify people in the photos as much as possible, but many are unknown. If you can identify someone I cannot, please contact me (info below).

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Technical notes

On the technical side, I manually maintain this simple site with Notepad++ and occasionally Macromedia (yes, Macromedia) Dreamweaver—and with some very simple batch processing help from Photoshop and LibreOffice Calc. The site has provided me a good platform for trying out new layout and coding techniques such as responsive design while trying to adhere to web standards. Here you will find no javascript, cookies, search, tags, videos, Flash, or ads.

If you have questions or want to get in touch, please use eee mail:

Enjoy your visit!